We've been sourcing in China since 2003. 20 years of experience and network make small quantity private labeling possible for our clients.


Sourcing is the bread and butter of our operations. Thanks to the extensive network of suppliers and manufacturers that we've built up over the past 15 years in China, we have a very comprehensive and supportive supply chain who are eager and ready support our clients.

In sourcing, we carefully examine your product and match it to a database of tens of thousands of products offered by our network of suppliers. More often than not, we will have a good, if not perfect, match. Once a match is found, we would continue to negotiate a favorable pricing on your behalf.

While getting a good price is always important, we are also obliged to ensure that we can negotiate for a very low minimum order quantity requirement. We understand that you may not want to invest a lot of money on inventory. Once the sale of your branded products picks up, we will go back and grind the suppliers for an even better pricing with a higher quantity order on your future orders.

Your other branding objectives will come into play, such as if you want to have you logo imprinted on the product. Or if just a custom packaging based on your brand will work. Delivery time of the matched product is also an important consideration, as well as the variety of different colors or other options that you may also desire.

Once we've gathered up all the data, we will then produce a quotation that's specifically tailored to your branding objectives. We will outline, in detail, all the options and two or three different quantity pricings. And last but not least, we will also send you an actual sample of the product for your approval.

Source product and pricing. Sourcing for the right product based on our client's criterion (and sample) is the first step in our overall services. Any one product on today's market may have a handful, or sometimes even dozens, of Chinese factories manufacturing it. Moreover, some factories just manufacture parts, it will be up to other product assemblers to put the final products together. For the same product, there may be slight variations in quality and design when sourcing from one supplier to the next. Some suppliers are seasonal, which means they do not commit to a long term supply, while some are more perennial. We match our sourcing requirements to the exact needs of our clients.

Get the lowest minimum order quantity. Most products in China are available from many different vendors. Negotiating to get the lowest possible minimum order quantity is very difficult. Sometimes, even more difficult than negotiating for the lowest unit price! Let's face it, advertising a low unit price is easy since the scale of unit price is relative to order volume. Baiting our clients with a rock-bottom unit price but asking for an astronomical order quantity is not what we do. We know our client-base: most retailers and etailers will not be engaging in a huge inventory as that's not their business model.

Product Approval. Once product pricing and order quantity have been agreed by the client, we will submit sample products for client to approve. Client may base the examination process on various factors and determine if our products are acceptable for the next step.