We offer a comprehensive private label service - to your door.


Service is the biggest part of our business model. Everything that we do for our clients has a service component to it. While the end result is a tangible product with your brand on it, it is our services that make such a product possible. We pride ourselves on being able to combine our various experiences and knowledge in different fields to make the branded product that our clients have ordered from us. Our services are designed so that the entire ordering experience is as hassle-free to the client as possible. Here's a brief list of what we do for our clients:

  • Evaluation

    "Knowing is half the battle." The first step in private labeling is to fully understand your products and objectives. Many different factors come into play when building a private label brand. This is the stage where we learn more about what you're trying to achieve and how our services can help to complete the picture.

    We'd like to find out as much detail as possible during this stage. While we'd love to take on all the businesses in the world, the reality of the fact is that we have to be a good match for what you're looking for. Therefore, we don't always come away with actual orders at the end of every evaluation stage. On occasion, we will let you know that we are not a good fit for your products and/or objectives. It may be a product that's very unique, and we just are not able to get a low minimum quantity to meet your expectation. Or, sometimes it may be a pricing issue where we are not able to meet your expectation.

  • Sourcing

    Once we have a solid idea of your products and objectives, our China office will start engaging our network of suppliers to identify the best solution to achieve your objectives.

    Usually, finding multiple suppliers from our network who carry your product is not too much of a trouble. The issue in our particular type of sourcing is to get the lowest minimum order quantity. When this becomes "the" factor, we'll have to work extra hard to bring this number down. Naturally, all suppliers would like to sell as much as possible. Trying to convince a supplier to drastically lower the order quantity requirement to meet your needs is usually the toughest part of our assignment.

  • Quotation

    Our pricing includes everything! From products, packaging, all the way to delivery to your door. There are no surprises and nothing is done without your specific approval.

    We pride ourselves on providing a comprehensive and detailed quotation to our clients. Detailed itemization on each service item and the product, appropriately summarized for mundane items such as shipping, which by itself can include many details that each different logistical party would charge. We look at our quotation as a blueprint going forward. And whenever there are unexpected events during the course of an order, we always quote first, and only execute when we receive your expressed approval.

  • Sample Approval

    Based on your product specifications and objectives, we will send product samples to you for approval. Depending on the type of product, we may send one or multiple alternatives.

    Since most of private labeling orders are not "custom manufacturing," there's very flexibility when it comes to making an existing product different. The hardware features of the product cannot be altered. However, for certain products, there may be a few different alternatives available from different suppliers. When we have matching suppliers who may offer slightly different variations, we usually would present such sample to you. There also have been instances where innovative clients would ask us to put additional gadgets from a different supplier into the main product, thus, differentiating it from other generic and similar products.

  • Package Design

    Product packaging will be designed to cater to your own brand and conform to other objectives. Depending on your needs, we will also work to design mailers and master cases.

    This is an often overlooked part of our service that carries a very high importance. This is especially important when you take into consideration of the retail appeal that the packaging must portray. Many of our eTailer clients sometimes feel that their products are sold online and may not have a need for the retail appeal, they end up surprised that their product sometimes ended up in the brick-and-mortar retail channels where retail packaging is the only thing that's important. A great packaging also enriches consumer-experience even if the product is only sold online. This is the ONE thing that helps consumers build their confidence in your brand and how you can differentiate yourself from your competitors.

  • Procurement

    Upon your approval, we will proceed to procure your products. The entire order is always shipped to our warehouse in China to prepare for export.

    Getting products seemingly is the easiest part of our job, except when it's not. From the time when we check with our various suppliers for the product to the actual order being placed, a lot could have changed. There were times when the order is placed, the designated supplier had already ran out of inventory. This is the reason that we usually have some type of back-up supplier when this happens. Just another one of our comprehensive services that's usually overlooked.

  • Repackaging

    All generic box and packaging material are removed and your own branded packaging are refitted. This is the step that turns an ordinary product distinctively yours.

    Depending on your requirement for minimum order quantity requirement, on rare occasion, certain supplier may make a special production run to manufacture your product. In this case, all packaging will be done at the manufacturer's facility. More often than not, in reality, most orders will be much smaller to justify a dedicated production run. When this is the case, as it usually is, we will have to source your products from existing inventory. To repackage products from existing inventory will then require the products to be brought into our facility in China and manually unbox the generic packaging.

  • Quality Control

    A secondary quality inspection also takes place while we are performing the repackaging process. This gives us one additional opportunity to spot defective products.

    When we repackage at our facility in China, we always inspect the quality of the products again when they are unboxed from the generic packaging. In some cases, we will catch a few random defects. This second inspection by us is an extra assurance to our clients that we always have our eyes on quality. And it is definitely not something that our competitors can provide.

  • Export & Import

    We will deal with all the pleasantries related to exporting through Chinese customs and then importing through the U.S. customs. We will ensure that your product conforms to all the regulations.

    Depending on the product, exporting from China sometimes may take a lot of work. Certain product has a different set of export rules that must be observed. On the other side of the ocean, importing into the U.S. is usually relatively easier. However, the trick is to always know ahead of time what type of import tariff and restrictions are involved. Many of our competitors do not get involved with export and import because they do not have the knowledge or experience. This leaves the buyer to coordinate everything which usually ends in higher costs and delayed delivery.

  • Distribution

    Once imported, we will ship your products to a distribution center of your choice, your place of business, or to our U.S. warehouse, depending on your objective and needs.

    We put extra effort into the last-mile delivery (from port of entry to a destination specified by you). We know without a strong finish, the entire experience will be moot. We also offer an option for our clients to have us perform the warehousing and fulfillment service. In this case, our clients will enjoy a lower fee (compared to other fulfillment centers) and faster service.

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