Repackaging is the stage where we put your shinny new brand on the product!


When we are sourcing for the lowest minimum order quantities, repackaging often becomes one of our work processes. This involves removing the original packaging from the manufacturer and outfitting the product with your very own branded packaging.

Depending on your brand objectives and requirements, we will apply additional packaging options such as seals or shrink wraps during the repackaging stage. This is a laborious process, but it's perfect for the assembly line we've set-up in China. If you also specify that your logo is directly imprinted on the product, this is also the stage where the magic happens! For complex products where we may be procuring from more than one supplier, everything is also unboxed and reassembled again in your own packaging during this stage.

Repackaging provides us with an extra opportunity to double inspect the product for quality conformity. So in addition to the standard quality control already performed by our suppliers, you get an extra, and independent, QC inspection to ensure that the quality of your product is up to par. This is something that we "want to do" as we have a stake in the success of your product.

Quality Control. One of the biggest difference between us and our competitors is that we always try to find an extra opportunity to squeeze in one more quality inspection. This extra quality inspection usually takes place during the repackaging stage when we take possession of your products. If and when we should catch random defects, and there are no over-runs where we can use to fulfill to the exact quantity of your order, we will always proportionally deduct whatever quantity from the overall invoice.

Repackaging. Depending on the availability of the product and supplier, repackaging can mean having the manufacturer print and package your product while it's being produced, or it may mean that we'll have to unbox the generic packaging and refit it with your packaging. There's really no set rules on how this will take place as it's really dependent on the type of product and the availability of stock at the time of your order. Furthermore, because we are most likely sourcing for the bare minimum, not too many factories will be willing to make a production run for a small quantity order.

Storage. If storage of products and/or packaging becomes necessary, we will gladly take care of it. This is especially helpful and beneficial for clients with continuous orders. For instance, packaging may be ordered at a higher quantity, to get a better unit pricing, in anticipation of future and successive orders. While this service may seem like good-for-nothing to some, it will become invaluable when you may need it. Not to mention that none of our competitors is going to offer this service.