Private Labeling

Private labeling is more than just stamping a logo.

Private Label

It used to be that private labeling (custom branding) is something that only bigger companies have the resources to do, but with Simple Heads Private Label, we specialize in private labeling for small businesses. Whether you're a retailer or an etailer, our comprehensive private labeling service and help you to build your own brand!

While there's no dispute in the of benefits of selling your own brand, the obstacle has always been the difficulty and high-cost of doing so. This is exactly where we come in. Our private labeling service enables you to do and gain more while you're pretty much selling the same thing.

Having a brand means something more substantial to consumers. A brand usually tells consumers that the product is offered for sale by a company that stands behind the product in question. A brand means that there are constant and consistent effort that goes into the building of the brand itself. A brand also means that the product itself is unique. While this product may look like others on the market, this product has a real brand that shows care and commitment to quality and customer service. There are many intangible values of buying a branded product over generic.

Here are some of the benefits of going private label:

  • Added perceived value to the same product - higher profits!
  • Makes your competitors look like they're selling generic junk!
  • Increase sales volume now that you're not selling unbranded trinkets.
  • Pride of ownership and reassurance for your buyers.
  • Build loyalty to your brand on other products.
  • Open up additional sales avenues that were previously irrelevant.
  • You're selling the product already, why not make it your own?

While there are certainly many good reasons to go private label, one must expect that the average unit cost of the product will be higher. After all, there are going to be additional work to make a generic product distinctively yours.