Export & Import

Navigating the complexities of export and import is part of our job.

Export & Import

We export and import hundreds of shipments every year. Our experience and knowledge in handling customs is top notch. Our comprehensive services to you includes getting your products through both Chinese and U.S. customs so that you never have to lift a finger.

Since our inception, we've been exporting from China on a weekly basis. We know export and import like the back of our hands.

Although not the most sexy topic, this is a very important part of our comprehensive services. If you were to engage Chinese suppliers on your own, the quote you'll receive is likely to be based on EXW or FOB. To someone who's not well-versed in international trading, this bowl of alphabet soup is just not very enticing. With either an EXW or FOB, shipping is not included. This is something you'll have to arrange on your own. Yeah, right. On rare occasion, you'll get a quote based on CIF. CIF means freight is included to the port of entry specified. But once it arrives at the port, you're on your own. You'll be responsible for customs clearance and negotiate the shipment through different warehouses and have it picked it up.

Every once in a blue moon, you'll get a quote based on DDU. DDU stands for Delivered Duty Unpaid. This means the shipment will be shipped to your door, but you'll be responsible for any import tariff that may be associated with the shipment. Compared to EXW, FOB, and CIF, DDU is going to be the best. But also keep in mind that there'd be a big price difference between EXW/FOB and DDU. After all, somebody has to pay for the shipping and all the handling fees, and that somebody is always the buyer.

In our service offering, we always base our quotes on DDP. DDP stands for Delivered Duty Paid. This is vastly different from DDU, where duty is unpaid. While you may mistakenly think that import duty is no big deal, and most of the time, the amount is not huge, the bigger difference here is more symbolic. Having the confidence and the ability to send a shipment to your door that includes any import duty means that we know your product. We know the tariff code it falls under, and we know how much the import duty is going to be. In other words, we know our stuff! Having the ability to send a shipment DDP to your door means that you can pretty much never have to think about shipping; we have it covered.

Export from China. While China has a built-in infrastructure to encourage export, it has also set-up many road blocks to ensure it has absolute control on what's being exported. Knowing how to navigate the complex Chinese customs is the key to minimize unnecessary costs and expedite shipments.

Advanced Copy. An advanced copy always gets shipped out to our client prior to the actual export when the main shipment is shipping via ocean freight. This advanced copy will help our client to get a head start on various pre-sale activities.

Import into U.S. This part of our service is frequently omitted by our competitors, and for good reasons. Importing into the U.S. is both an art and science. It is best performed by a actual U.S. company stationed in the U.S. Certain products require additional details in customs clearance and may not be foreseeable by a foreign company, or by a hired-gun who gets an incoming shipment thrusted into their lap.