Custom Manufacturing

There are times when private labeling is just not enough...


There are times when sourcing the minimum order quantity for private label just doesn't work. The product itself may be vastly different on what's on the market or just too unique. Custom manufacturing may be the only possible avenue to bring the product to market.

When custom manufacturing comes into the picture, our standard private labeling process is out the window. Everything is designed from the ground up and a special and dedicated production run will be scheduled to produce the product.

With our years of experience in custom manufacturing, we have been able to help many clients get the products they want, and at a price they need.

Custom manufacturing is not for everybody. The initial investment in molds and prototypes can quickly add up to a sizable amount. The development time is also much longer as every aspect of every component must be prototyped and approved. For certain products, there might even be testing and certification that may be required, which will add to more time and cost.

We can also help our clients to get different types of patents when the product is custom manufactured; furthermore, we will also help our clients to register their patented products with the Chinese customs. This is the only way to protect against counterfeit export. If the client has the ambition of selling the said product within the Chinese domestic market, we also have distribution service available inside China.