Building a brand is more than just slapping a logo on a product.


This is an integral part of our comprehensive service to our clients in private labeling. We employ a very professional team of graphic designers with specializations in package and visual design. Their ability to realize our clients' brand identity is second to none.

Our experience in package design and corporate identity is extensive; we started sourcing in China because of our printing industry backgrounds!

While the actual artwork layout may be performed in China, the art direction is always provided by us here in the U.S. This is important as we live and breathe the same air as you do, we know and understand what constitutes as a good retail packaging. If you have any previous experience with products from China, it should be obvious that the design of product packaging is extremely lacking.

Some of our competitors would ask clients to take care of their own package design while they'll handle the printing, we feel that our clients deserve better. In this type of arrangement, you will have to hire a graphic designer on your own, and whoever supplies your product will hire a printer to print your packaging. There are literally four separate parties with very little synergy. The graphic designer will not be able to do a good job as he/she will not take into the consideration of the cost of printing and/or the most efficient type of packaging. You, as the client, may not possess the necessary graphic arts knowledge in order to compensate what the graphic designer is lacking. And on the back-end, the product supplier really cares less on what you give him, and the printer would probably care even less. To them, it'll just be another run-of-the-mill job. So, four separate parties with nobody really in professional control. There will be frequent back-and-forth since every party plays a little part in the whole puzzle. There are a lot of disconnect in this model, such disconnects will eventually lead to dissatisfaction, if not disaster. Our clients deserve more!

When a new brand is being built, departmentalizing various aspects of the brand building exercise is not just harmful, it's purely destructive. We believe, and our current clients agree, that since we are the most knowledgeable party when it comes to your product, we need to assert ourselves as the singular leader in helping you to build-up your brand. While we would still work with just as many different parties, our overall management skills will turn what used to be islands of separate responsibilities into accountable team players. More often than not, each party in our grand scheme of things have already worked with us in the past and have a continuous working relationship. Each party will have a stake in helping the brand succeed as such success will perpetuate additional business for them in the future. Each member of our team understands its role and take ownership in the success of the final product.

Package Design. Based on the product and your brand objective, we will help to design the packaging. Not just the graphic arts, but also the structural and material side of packaging. Our professional design team will ensure that the packaging is design for the American audience, not something that's so generic, with broken English, that has been a hallmark of Chinese packaging.

Packaging Approval. Our clients always get the final say prior to the actual printing of the packaging. We would never proceed to produce product packaging without client approval.

Packaging Printing. Our newly designed packaging based on our client's brand will be printed by a printer that have established rapport and history with us. Our printers have extensive experience in helping us to produce short-run packaging for private labeling.