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We provide etailers and retailers with your own branded products at the lowest possible minimum order quantity.

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We've been sourcing in China since 2003. 21 years of experience and network make small quantity private labeling possible for our clients.

Sell Your Own Brand!

It used to be that private labeling (custom branding) is something that only bigger companies have the resources to do, but with Simple Heads, we specialize in private labeling for small businesses. Whether you're a retailer or an etailer, our comprehensive private labeling service and help you to build your own brand!

Here are some of the benefits of going private label:

  • Added perceived value to the same product - higher profits!
  • Makes your competitors look like they're selling generic junk!
  • Increase sales volume now that you're not selling unbranded trinkets.
  • Pride of ownership and reassurance for your buyers.
  • Build loyalty to your brand on other products.
  • Open up additional sales avenues that were previously irrelevant.
  • You're selling the product already, why not make it your own?



Sourcing is the bread and butter of our operations. Thanks to the extensive network of suppliers and manufacturers that we've built up over the past 21 years in China, we have a very comprehensive and supportive supply chain who are eager and ready support our clients.


This is an integral part of our comprehensive service to our clients in private labeling. We employ a very professional team of graphic designers with specializations in package and visual design. Their ability to realize our clients' brand identity is second to none.


When we are sourcing for the lowest minimum order quantities, repackaging often becomes one of our work processes. This involves removing the original packaging from the manufacturer and outfitting the product with your very own branded packaging.


We export and import hundreds of shipments every year. Our experience and knowledge in handling customs is top notch. Our comprehensive services to you includes getting your products through both Chinese and U.S. customs so that you never have to lift a finger.

Sourcing for the Minimum

In sourcing, we carefully examine your product and match it to a database of tens of thousands of products offered by our network of suppliers. More often than not, we will have a good, if not perfect, match. Once a match is found, we would continue to negotiate a favorable pricing on your behalf.

While getting a good price is always important, we are also obliged to ensure that we can negotiate for a very low minimum order quantity requirement. We understand that you may not want to invest a lot of money on inventory. Once the sale of your branded products picks up, we will go back and grind the suppliers for an even better pricing with a higher quantity order on your future orders.


Making it Your Brand

Our experience in package design and corporate identity is extensive; we started sourcing in China because of our printing industry backgrounds!

While the actual artwork layout may be performed in China, the art direction is always provided by us here in the U.S. This is important as we live and breathe the same air as you do, we know and understand what constitutes as a good retail packaging. If you have any previous experience with products from China, it should be obvious that the design of product packaging is extremely lacking.


Repackaging & QC

Depending on your brand objectives and requirements, we will apply additional packaging options such as seals or shrink wraps during the repackaging stage. This is a laborious process, but it's perfect for the assembly line we've set-up in China. If you also specify that your logo is directly imprinted on the product, this is also the stage where the magic happens! For complex products where we may be procuring from more than one supplier, everything is also unboxed and reassembled again in your own packaging during this stage.



Since our inception, we've been exporting from China on a weekly basis. We know export and import like the back of our hands.

Although not the most sexy topic, this is a very important part of our comprehensive services. If you were to engage Chinese suppliers on your own, the quote you'll receive is likely to be based on EXW or FOB. With either an EXW or FOB, shipping is not included. This is something you'll have to arrange on your own. Yeah, right. On rare occasion, you'll get a quote based on CIF. CIF means freight is included to the port of entry specified. But once it arrives at the port, you're on your own. You'll be responsible for customs clearance and negotiate the shipment through different warehouses and have it picked it up.


Let's Get Started

Give us a few basic ideas about what type of product you're looking for and your objectives, we'll provide you with an idea how you can make more money with your own brand.

How It Works

A typical workflow for a private labeling project. You're always in control, every step of the way.

  • Evaluation

    "Knowing is half the battle." The first step in private labeling is to fully understand your products and objectives. Many different factors come into play when building a private label brand. This is the stage where we learn more about what you're trying to achieve and how our services can help to complete the picture.

  • Sourcing

    Once we have a solid idea of your products and objectives, our China office will start engaging our network of suppliers to identify the best solution to achieve your objectives.

  • Quotation

    Our pricing includes everything! From products, packaging, all the way to delivery to your door. There are no surprises and nothing is done without your specific approval.

  • Sample Approval

    Based on your product specifications and objectives, we will send product samples to you for approval. Depending on the type of product, we may send one or multiple alternatives.

  • Package Design

    Product packaging will be designed to cater to your own brand and conform to other objectives. Depending on your needs, we will also work to design mailers and master cases.

  • Procurement

    Upon your approval, we will proceed to procure your products. The entire order is always shipped to our warehouse in China to prepare for export.

  • Repackaging

    All generic box and packaging material are removed and your own branded packaging are refitted. This is the step that turns an ordinary product distinctively yours.

  • Quality Control

    A secondary quality inspection also takes place while we are performing the repackaging process. This gives us one additional opportunity to spot defective products.

  • Export & Import

    We will deal with all the pleasantries related to exporting through Chinese customs and then importing through the U.S. customs. We will ensure that your product conforms to all the regulations.

  • Distribution

    Once imported, we will ship your products to a distribution center of your choice, your place of business, or to our U.S. warehouse, depending on your objective and needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Contact us for additional questions regarding our services.

  • More than likely, your product cost will go up. This is because you'll be selling your own brand rather than a generic brand belonging to some Chinese company. If you have a solid business plan on building your own brand, the marginal rise in product cost will be worthwhile. However, if you're just trying to get the lowest price possible, private labeling may not be the right avenue for you. On the other hand, because we were able to offer a better price/service than what our clients' can get, a small portion of our clients end up buying generic brand products through us, and foregoing private labeling all together.

  • The answer to this question is too broad to be addressed inside a single paragraph. Nevertheless, if after a thorough research, you have determined that private labeling is something you'd like to pursue, we will naturally be your #1 choice. Our main niche is to offer private labeling service at the lowest minimum order quantity possible. Our service is your best bet for trying out if private labeling is right for you without having to buy a huge inventory.

  • Typically, we are looking at from 300 to 500 pcs. Depending on the product, there are always exceptions. We've had minimums as low as 100 or as high as 1000 pcs.

  • There's no set rule for the exact turn-time; it all depends on the product you're selling. Upon approval of samples and everything else, some orders can be shipped in a week while others may take two or three weeks to complete. Depending on your objective, we will be able to ship you the order in as fast as within one week or as much as one month.

  • Plenty. And there are other sites than just Alibaba. While many of our clients look at Alibaba with wonder, most native Chinese are still wondering why anybody would name a service after a thief... In short, we are different from Alibaba because of "accountability." Any supplier you engage on Alibaba is inherently risky. If anything goes wrong, there's just no recourse for you. On the other hand, we are an U.S. company and must play by U.S. rules. We value our reputation as much as you value yours. A "Gold Supplier" emblem can be bought from Alibaba, but our badge of honor has to be earned one client at a time.

    Furthermore, most Chinese suppliers will require a relatively high minimum order quantity before they will help with any private labeling efforts. Even then, you'll be stuck at handling most of the coordination, designing, and the subsequent export/import. Our niche is that we are a "one-stop shop" that takes care of everything for you AND that our minimum order quantity is usually a lot lower than Alibaba suppliers.

  • There were a few cases in the past that we were not able to help our clients. And we will never pretend that we can do everything under the sun. If your product needs or objectives are not within our service capabilities, we'll be the first to reveal that during the evaluation process. With that said, we have also helped some clients with custom manufacturing of a specialized product. While this strays a bit from the concept of private labeling, it might still be an avenue worth exploring for some.

  • For most clients, online credit card payment is the most convenient; we accept all major credit cards as well as PayPal. For new clients, our standard terms of payment is 50/50. That is, 50% deposit upon approval of product sample, the balance 50% is payable when we're ready to ship.

  • We have very high confidence in the quality of the products that we sourced for you. In the past, we've had a handful of minor issues due to shipping via international express delivery. When such incidence takes place, we will credit you for the damage while we file claims with the shipping company. Returns are not accepted unless due to defective parts or workmanship.

  • We have done a variety of different products. However, there are three types of products that are not particularly a good fit for us: apparel, cosmetics, and health supplements. Fortunately, you can readily find alternatives who specializes in doing each of these type of products. For private labeling, suppliers for these types of products would usually have domestic stock available.

  • A promotional product is a give-away product that's intended to promote a company and its service. The most obvious difference is that a promotional product is usually a trinket, something of very low cost. A promotional product is really an advertising medium. Spending a lot of money on it just doesn't make sense. Furthermore, there's not too much quality consideration that goes into a promotional product; no buyer satisfaction to be concerned with since the end-users did not spend money to acquire the product. It's give-away and throw-away.

    While we do get involved sourcing for promotional products on behalf of our clients from time-to-time, our core competency is helping our clients to build their own brands with a consistent quality, pricing, and supply. This requires a totally different mentality and corporate culture. Some suppliers out there would claim to do private label when all they really do is just stamp your logo on the products. In a real brand building effort, that's just one tiny part of the entire process.

Our Team

Our two senior partners have been working together for 21 years!

Jeff Chen

Tiffany Ho

Our company was started in 1999 by two partners with extensive background in the printing industry. Our main focus has always been simple - to provide savings on sourcing for our U.S. clients by working with suppliers in China.


We are committed to provide the best comprehensive private labeling service to small businesses. Our goal is to make small businesses competitive and productive in building their own brands.